Menu Plan Monday: I'm back, with pictures!

What a weekend! Our entirely family has been in different places this last weekend, and we still aren't all home. While I was out near Toronto with my oldest for a tournament, my youngest had a blast with his grandparents and my husband was down in the US having a blast with his friends doing a half-iron triathlon! He gets home tonight and we get to hear all about it then, while we give him a little pampering for all his hard work.

So before I go into my menu plan, you will be forced to see some pictures of my "big" guy sparring at his tournament, where he placed 2nd in his division, a group of 13 boys. He did not place in his patterns but then tells me he forgot several moves in it. Since he's only known it a few weeks, that isn't surprising.

Now would that little face intimidate you?

Really. Are you scared yet?

He's got a good kick on him. Fortunately for me, I've seen him spar for years and know his weaknesses, so when I have to go up against him, and eventually I will have to, I know what to look for with him.

Alright, back to food.

It is the last week of my preschool job before summer break, and we are all going to be tired, so I am going to try and take it easy with the plan this week.

Sunday: I had a cooler with snacks for us on the train, but we still picked up a sandwich and some stuff when we got home. Left overs for lunch today.

Monday: Penne pasta with tomatoes in garlic and olive oil, with sausages.

Tuesday: Crock pot chicken soup with cheese biscuits.

Wednesday: Daring Cook's challenge. I hope.

Thursday: Meatball subs with salad.

Friday: We are either going out for pizza or putting one in the oven. Just because. (Or I'll be "inspired" and put make frozen Periogies. I have some sweet flavored ones, as well as savory, to try, hand made locally.)

That's it for the plan for the week. Be sure to see Menu Plan Monday for all kinds of other menus. I checked out a few new ones last week and am now following a blog, Five J's, trying to do a menu plan for breakfast for a week, followed by a lunch plan for a week. A great way to explore different breakfast and lunch options and something I might try when school is out.

Have you ever traveled by train? I hadn't in several years, and it was a first for my son. Considering how expensive it can be, I'm surprised how full the trains were, both ways. Still, it is a fun way to see the country side and to enjoy some time together.


Megan said...

Great pictures - and no, I've never traveled by train. Unless you count the commuter trains in NYC.

BC said...

I love travelling by train - it's so much smoother and more peaceful than motor vehicle.

Joy @ Five J's said...

Crock pot chicken soup with cheese biscuits? Is this from scratch? If so, I'd LOVE the recipe. :)

Kristin said...

Are you really able to stick to a plan for you meals all week? I feel like my life is so crazy I wouldn't be able to. But, it would probably be easier in the long run if I could plan it out right. Maybe I should give it a try!

NKP said...

Great to be so organized!
The little one is adorable.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Trains were the major way my mom moved two and three times a year when my dad was moved from one base to another across the country in the 50's.
"Oh yes I'm scared!"