Menu Plan Monday: Can it really be summer?

Technically the first day of summer was yesterday, Sunday, June 21st.

Which means we got some rain.

Now it did eventually warm up, the sun came out, and it became hot and humid.

Summer was teasing us, saying, "Here I am! Now I'm gone. I'm back! Oops, you looked, gone again. Oh, I'm back!"

The weather for this week, however, looks like it might actually be warm out, summer like, so I'm going to plan appropriately for the week.

Sunday: We had a very heavy and unhealthy lunch, so we had a very different dinner. Fruit surprise pancakes (using Tyler Florence's Batter 3 ways) with fruit smoothies. My sous chef made the smoothies, two kinds: strawberry-kiwi-banana, and mango-blueberry-banana. Must remember for future reference, don't let him put a full pint of blueberries in the blender, the smoothie gets very, very thick.

Monday: Cilantro shrimp skewers with grilled pineapple. No, my bbq has still not been either fixed or replaced, I will use my indoor grill.

Tuesday: Texas beef on tortillas with salsa.

Wednesday: It is our 14th wedding anniversary, so we are celebrating by going out to dinner, Thai food, with the children.

Thursday: Last day of school. Last year I made funnel cakes for the kids for dinner. We can't decide what fun and outrageous thing I should make this year.

Friday: Chili lime cumin steak, with corn.

Last week's plan had at least one derailing, but I did not resort to take out for that night. Instead I made an extra stop at the grocery store and bought frozen hamburgers for the hubby and I for dinner. Much cheaper than picking up Chinese food.

I like participating in Menu Plan Monday. It is my blogs way of reminding me to plan ahead, and it gives me a reason to post each week. It also gives me a chance to put up totally random and non-food related items, just for the fun of it.

So this week you get something ridiculous, but fun:

After many tries, I finally managed to sing my way to 5 gold stars for Carry On My Wayward Son, on Rock Band for the Wii!

Now I apparently need to go back to a track pack and do it on Foreplay/Longtime, the "impossible" song by Boston.

Wish me luck!


Megan said...

Happy Anniversary! Thai food sounds wonderful - as does everything else on the menu!

The last time I made a smoothie with bluberries, I needed a spoon to get it out of the cup. Do blueberries have a lot of pectin in them?

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

5 gold stars!! You are way more hep than me.
Happy Anniversary!