Recipe request please!

I've pulled some nice lean pork loin chops out of my freezer to make for dinner tomorrow, but so far am drawing a blank on what to do with them. I don't want to do anything fancy, but I also don't want anything plain. Nor do I want to make my usual sweet and sour sauce. Or apple sauce pork chops.

Any ideas for something quick but tasty with these chops?

Don't everyone speak up all at once!


BC said...

Marinate with a honey, dijon, garlic, oregano mix. Divide mixture into two parts. Keep some aside (uncontaminated) for a sauce to put on afterward.

Anonymous said...


Check out this post for Pork Chops:

It is quick and delicious. If you don't have Maderia, Marsala would work. Or a a bit of apple cider vinegar, some tamarind, and brown sugar would work as well.

Anonymous said...

My suggestion for your pork chops.