Another one off my list: The BBB's make pitas

I finally get to be an honorary Bread Baking Babe!

This month's recipe was chosen by Ilva, a wonderful lady over in Italy who blogs at Lucullian Delights. I'm so glad she make a recipe that wasn't going to take several days to make, no starters, no hard to find flours (though I have never seen whole wheat pastry, Mary tells me I can mix whole wheat with pastry flour to get whole wheat pastry flour - and it worked!)

And, I can cross home made pita off my list of things I'd like to try and make (which leaves me with Naan bread and Marshmallow fondant for this year, last on that to make list.)

Not quite as simple as making tortillas, but still a nice result. Especially if you actually put your stone on the bottom of your oven and bake down there, rather than having it in the lower 3rd. I had a few puff up in that spot, but as soon as I moved it down... WOW! Did those suckers blow up to be nice and puffy!

I stuffed my pitas with chicken and cesear salad, and served it with corn oh the cobb on the side. Pitas that didn't puff up were great to use in a school lunch the next day, as dippers for hummus.

Thanks for the great choice Ilva! I will be adding this one to my list of make agains.


Anonymous said...

Well done Jenny!! You definitely make Bread Baking Buddy this month :-)

Brilynn said...

Hey Jenny, I posted a couple videos to youtube from the Foo Fighters concert that I thought you might like to see... although they're not necessarily kid friendly, they have both Dave and Taylor in them. Who knew Dave Grohl was so funny? I just want to be friends with that guy!

The blondie recipe is in Martha Stewart's cookie book. I didn't post it since I've made so much from that book it didn't seem right.

Peabody said...

I need to make pita bread again, it's so fun to watch it puff.

Karen Baking Soda said...

Great job there Jenny! Earned the badge for sure, look at that happy face! (Could he wait long enough for the pic to be taken?)

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Hoo, Hoo HooRay! Beautiful Pita!
I've now learned they don't have to have a pocket to be a pita;) that knowledge makes life grand doesn't it!!
Easy to see your a Babe Buddy!!

Lien said...

Great pita's! This filling looks just so appetizing, Yummy!