I don't know who I thought I was fooling

My meal plan for today calls for something a little heavier than normal, Sheppard's Pie, one of my families favorites. Not exactly summer eats, but then again, we haven't exactly had a normal summer.

Take today. It is 29C outside right now. Before the humidity. (For those of you in F land - that is 84.)

It feels much hotter than that, the slight breeze doing nothing to cool you down or evaporate some of the sweet.

As in summer has finally arrived. In September. Now that the kids are back in school.

What in the world made me think that a heavy meal, one that requires boiling potatoes and turning on the oven, was a good idea for today?

This is about right for today.

Think I need to figure out something different for dinner tonight. And fast, it is already 4pm!

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BC said...

I feel your pain! I made a big batch of soup before the hot weather hit - but I'm serving it cold to fit the temperature.