Another farmer's market find

Garlic scapes. Lovely, vibrant green, with a mild garlicky smell.

I kept walking past them, enjoying the sample of the scape pesto, but not buying. What fun is that?

No regrets when I finally brought some home, to make my own pesto, twisted, of course.

I ended up with less than 2 cup of the scapes, so topped it up with 2 small bulbs of mild, young garlic, also bought at the farmer's market. I used whole, toasted almonds, and only enough oil to bind the pesto together.

The aroma of my kitchen... fresh and divine.

A 3 pound roast, seasoned with a mixture made from pulverizing garlic with my mortar and pestle along with salt, pepper and olive oil. Cooked to medium on my bbq.

Sliced thin and served with garlic roasted potatoes and the scape pesto. A bit of pesto with each bite, mingling the garlicky flavors together. Mmmmmm....

I made this for my husband and I for our anniversary, 13 years of marriage. Not normally a romantic meal, but when you both eat garlic, garlic and garlic for dinner, it cancels out.


Megan said...

That's a great idea - when you both eat something that strong, it's all ok!!

I've never had scapes before, but it sure sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

We eat tons of garlic and quite honestly don't care what is said about it being bad on the breath. It's so good for you and taste wonderful. Again, I'm marveling over your farmer's market. Garlic scapes? Who knew? Your pesto sounds yummy! Happy Belated Anniversary, btw!