Is it really springtime?

The warmer weather here (23C today!) has meant the melting of alot of snow. Alot of snow. No understatement, no exclamation marks, just fact. There was alot.

Hogsback Falls is one of my children's favorite places to go for a picnic or just to stand for a few minutes and watch the falls.

Right now it is a little dangerous to be too close to the bottom edge. Water levels are just a wee bit high.

Hope those trees know how to swim!

However, with all that melt come the signs that tell you spring is really here!

Like the first sprouts of rhubarb coming up in my garden.

Nice to see green after seeing nothing but white for months.


creampuff said...

I saw some rhubarb sprouting today and was so happy! Hope the snow goes quickly and you enjoy your spring!

gaga said...

That looks gorgeous! (and scary).

Springtime is here, yay!

Helene said...

Scary gorgeous! You are so lucky to have rhubarb grow in your garden! Wanna trade with the alligator I saw today? Think not!!