Cream Tart Redo, with pictures, and LiveSTRONG

I knew I couldn't leave it alone. I knew that I was going to remake this recipe as many times as I needed to in order to have it come our right.

Isn't it nice that it only took once?

And if I had read ahead in the book, or remembered from when I read the entire thing from front to back, I would have seen the orange tart, seen the gelatin added into the cream. Would not have had blood orange soup. Here is the picture I kept being asked about. Not a bad picture but, ugh, would you want to eat that?

Many thanks to those of you who let me know about the lack of pectin and the need for gelatin. And the need for food coloring if I ever make something blood orange again!

Yes, I made it again. With lemons, following the exact recipe as written. Except that I still could not get it to heat to 180F. Could not get above 168F, but the cream had thickened and the whisk was leaving trails, so I strained it into the blender, let it cool and then made a huge racket by running my blender for a long time. (My kids love it when I do that, complaining that it is too noisy, but I always smile at them and remind them that they picked the blender for me, so if it is too noisy for them, well they have no one to blame but themselves!)

I made mini tarts this time, instead of a full sized tart. Six little tarts, filled with a lovely yellow cream. Tiny little flowers made from the scraps of the dough. And enough left over cream to have two little pots of cream and berries, enjoyed by those who aren't overly fond of pastry. Everyone was fond of the cream itself. Silky and rich, decadent with a hint of tang.

Obviously I did not have the same problems with the redo as I did with the original. Isn't it pretty? So pretty, that lemony goodness, that I have decided to make this my entry into this years LiveSTRONG with A Taste of Yellow, hosted again by Winos and Foodies Barabara.

Don't forget to get your own entry over to Barbara, you have until April 19th to do so. And check out her photo contest as well, part of this years A Taste of Yellow.


Engineer Baker said...

Way to be committed to getting it to come out right! I love the little pastry flowers, and it looks like you triumphed!

Barbara said...

Yum it looks great. I've never made anything with blood orange. An interesting result with the pink tart. Thanks for supporting A Taste OF Yellow.

Brilynn said...

Looks wonderful! And perfect for the event.

kellypea said...

ACtually, the blood orange soup looks and sounds good. But I'm a foodie, so can you actually trust me? I still have to do my post for Livestrong day....Thanks for pushing me!

Mari said...

Your lemon tarts look gorgeous, good job on your sucessful redux!

Helene said...

Turned out beautiful! I love the little cups of cream!