What is going on!?!

I think I may have accidentally made a few people worried about me recently, and I didn't intend to. Sorry!

And now that I have everyone wondering..... Relax! Nothing too major, I simply pulled a muscle in my lower back, near a nerve, and have had some very limited mobility for the last few days. A doctors visit and a prescription are seeing me on the mend, with my motion getting better each day, but still with some precautions that I need to heed. No strenuous exercise, such as running, or swimming (so I missed yesterdays swim, though hope to go tomorrow and take it easy.) No lifting or carrying things - that I can't avoid all together, but I am avoiding anything heavy. Nothing that will put a strain on the healing muscles - which includes kneading bread by hand, hence I can't join in on the Baking Buddies and make that wonderful looking loaf of bread with them! Now that makes me very sad!

So thanks for all the good thoughts and I will hopefully be back soon to bread baking (I WILL conquer the boule with Marvin!)

PS In case you are wondering about the picture above, it is the "shadow" of my husbands hand, the imprint that is left on a cool counter from the warmth of his own hand when there are "glow in the dark" lights shinning down.


Peabody said...

Oh no! Feel better...quickly.

Ilva said...

Oh poor you! Take care of yourself!
ps. aren't you revealing something here that shouldn't be revealed??

Jenny said...

Thanks girls, I do feel better, but not yet ready to make the Royal Crown’s Tortano bread with the Baking Buddies before the 1 week deadline! It looks so good though!

kellypea said...

Very scary. I've only had one or two issues with back problems, and nothing serious, so I'm knocking on wood right now. The more you recouperate now, the better you'll be in the long run. Standing at a counter in the kitchen is not great when your back isn't in good shape. Take care!

Kelly-Jane said...

I hope you are feeling better soon =)

Warda said...

Hope you're feeling better!
Take care1