Cupcakes from Outter Space?

What else would you make for a bunch of 9 year old boys? Cream scones just don't seem appropriate for that type of crowd.

Aside from the demographic of my intended cupcake eaters, I had one other requirement in mind for these cupcakes, being made for my son's birthday party. They had to be white. White so they would glow in the dark!

Ah, I've got your attention now, do I? Well, just wait, and you will see!

These cupcakes are very rustic looking, but then I wasn't worried about impressing the boys with my wonderful pipping skills, which aren't so wonderful when you are using extra thick icing on a tender cupcake. The icing had to be stiff, otherwise the tentacles would not have stood up as well as they did!

Each "alien" was an individual, with different lengths of tentacles, colored eyes, and even number of eyes!

They were very well received by the birthday boy and his friends!

Alright, now to the glowing: The party was held at a glow in the dark mini-putt facility nearby, where all the guests were encouraged to wear white clothing so they would "glow" along with the artwork on the walls and their golf balls. Or in our case, with their birthday cupcakes!

It seemed to work for the cupcakes, and made them just a tiny bit more fun for the boys!

Sorry, no recipe. I've made several more batches of cupcakes since I made these several weeks ago, and I have no idea what recipe I used for these! They were vanilla. With mini M&M candies mixed in.


Vida said...

Very cute!!! Vida x

Peabody said...

Ha! What fun...glow in the dark cupcakes, very cool.

Deborah said...

Fun cupcakes!

Cheryl said...

Those are a great idea. Looks like alot of fun.