I really am DARING!!!

Two lovely women whom I call friends put out a call....

Make donuts!

Keep them sweet, but make them, and make us proud!

Helen, and Peabody, I hope I make you proud with this, my contribution to making donuts!

First off, I have always been afraid of frying at home. I could do it long ago when I worked in a fast food restaurant (where the only good thing I ever got out of it was a husband!) But at home, no, won't do it without buying a really good home deep fryer. And there have been so many other things that my money could better be spent on for my kitchen than a deep fryer, that I never bothered to get one.

At Christmas, however, my husband (yes, the one I got at a fast food restaurant, a long, long, time ago), got me a kick-butt cast iron dutch oven. It is very cute, a 3.5 qt pot, and I love it. And let me tell you, it is amazing for deep frying things! It holds the heat so well, and is deep enough that I do not feel nervous having 2 inches of hot oil in it, on my stove!

Big Dora dance now.... I did it! I did it! I did it! Yeah!

Okay, that's enough Dora. (Sorry, we play that at work after the Barney clean up song, the kids love it and it has been in my head since we last played it this morning. Ugh.)

So that is part one of the donut story. Yes, those are my little "Timbits" floating and turning golden in the oil.

Part two is a little bit about obsession. You see, thanks to Mary, I am a little bit obsessed right now with Marvin, my sour dough starter. Who is still alive and kicking and making great muffins, really good bread, wonderful cinnamon buns, pancakes, and now, yes, donuts!

It's true! I made sour dough donuts from Marvin, my spunky little starter!

And I didn't even wait to see if it would be okay to do, having not checked in with Mary first, before I did it!

See? Daring! That's me!

Aren't they a bit funny looking? Rather odd shaped "Timbits", but still yummy! Crispy on the outside, cakey on the inside, with just a hint of nutmeg.

I sprinkled the first four out of the pot with icing sugar and called up the kids. One came running.

Fortunately his brother is not a big fan of icing sugar, so he didn't scream or protest when he came up to this.

And that, for now, is my story of my daring donuts!

(PS In case you hadn't noticed above, I mentioned a few other things I have been making with my sour dough starter. Things I owe a big huge post on, with lots of pictures. Lots. After all, there has been lots of things made with it since my last post of muffins!)

And with that, there is a rack in my kitchen full of tasty little bits of fried dough, just waiting to be eaten!


breadchick said...

WOW! Fantastic job on coming up with a sourdough donut!! Those look tasty and Marvin sure is kicking butt!!

See you too can just jump right in there with your starter!!

Peabody said...

Way to get in there with the frying. And so cool that you dragged out Marvin to add some kick to the doughnuts!

glamah16 said...

Old Marvins getting a workout. Good Idea.

creampuff said...

Nicely done!

Judy said...

Wow, that is impressive. My mom used to make donuts when we were kids but she never had the oil hot enough so they were kind of greasy, but in a totally good way. And just the other night my boyfriend and I were discussing the benefits of a timbit over a regular donut. Yum!

Helene said...

Sourdough donus...Oh Yeah!!! Delicious! Delicious! (my best Dora interpretation!)

Deborah said...

Wonderful donuts!! These sound wonderful!

Lis said...

OMG sourdough doughnuts.. *swoon* I'm thinking I'd like one that's covered in powdered sugar, broken open and slathered in strawberry jam. PLEASE??? :)

Excellent job with Marvin, sweetie! I can't wait to see this big post on all the other good stuff that's been made!


kellypea said...

I am loving the look of your doughnuts and can just taste them warm with that sprinkle of powdered sugar. I had so much fun doing this and it sounds like you did too!