Herb Fest 2007

This past weekend we had planned on going biking as a family, until I spotted this on the scheduled events for the day. HerbFest 2007.

It had been listed as a free event but wasn't - $2 for parking and then $5 a person to get in, $15 for a family. Upside - children were free so we only paid the $10.

Honestly, considering I was going in to buy things, I wasn't impressed about having to pay to get in. Especially since I didn't feel there were enough vendors for the price, especially if you ignore the vendors that sell creams, incense and oils. Not edible oils, herb infused "healing" oils. Ugh.

Still, I spent too much money buying lots of little goodies, and took alot of pictures. Here are a few I took.

I almost bought one of these plants, the Chocolate Mint, simply because it fascinated me.

We missed the Weed Walk (that is my little boys blue crocs under the sign) but took the self guided tour through the herb patches. Did you know you could also plant Banana Mint? Can't even imagine what that would be like, or what I would use it for!

A lovely baking vendor, with all kinds of beautiful looking breads (but no sign that I saw for a name.) I bought a loaf of the foccacia, the bread you see up front, which I sliced up for dinner with pasta the next night. However it had a very spicy taste that I did not like. And I wasn't fond of the texture either, very tough.

Tonnes of jams and chutneys and other handmade items.

I bought a jar of sliced beets, at $10 for the jar. Its a big jar!

Can you "spot" the queen bee? :-)

The same vendor that had the queen bee, also had some lovely honey. After testing a few kinds, the children and I settled on some plain honey and a small jar of lemon honey, which my children have been eating on sandwiches.

Fresh garlic, available from many vendors who were preparing for the Perth Garlic Fest, coming up in a few weeks.

These hand made wooden bowls were absolutely beautiful! I would have loved to have brought a few home but the prices started at $175 and went up.

I bought a jar of this Red Pepper Jelly. Not the Hot! Hot! Hot! stuff though. :-)

I did also come home with a few of the little tubes of spice, including 2 types of salt, some peppercorns and a Mexican Hat Dance spice.

I also bought a lovely sea grass basket, but didn't take a picture of it (because I put it to instant use, carrying things in it.) And the vendor selling them had such a huge crowd around him that I could not get a picture of their baskets, or their signs, but plenty of the backs of other people. Oh well!


leslie @ definitely not martha said...

That stuff looks yummy! I think though, that you can visit a lot of the same vendors at the Lansdowne market, without paying any fees at all. Red pepper jelly is SO good. I like it really hot.

Janet said...

How come I didn't know about this?? And thanks again for the little tube of peppercorns you gave me. I haven't tried them yet, because my peppermill is still half-full and I don't want to mix them with my regular old pepper!!

Helene said...

What a fun thing to do as a family! I love all the vendors' displays.

Camille said...

The red pepper jelly looks delish!

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