Grow your own 2007.... Sorta

This event, hosted by Andrea of Andrea's Recipes, is such a good idea! Showcase a recipe you've made with your own home-grown produce! Show off your beans, your onions, your green tomatoes?

Okay, my green tomatoes! My not even close to being ripe, green tomatoes.

And my teeny, tiny baby broccoli, barely visible in it's outer leaves.

Guess who planted their garden a bit late this year?

With one exception....

I found this yesterday while watering my garden, hiding underneath the mountain of vines and leaves that have escaped my garden wall and are decorating my back fence.

Isn't it a beauty?

I've never grown pumpkin's before, but this year decided to try it as a spring experiment with my children. They lost interest in the project right after the seeds sprouted in their little greenhouse at the kitchen table. Neither child noticed I had actually moved the little seedlings out into the back garden until I pointed out how they were doing back there.

By the time we came back from vacation, there were vines all over the place, and yellow flowers started to open.

So no recipe for me, yet. The tomatoes are still growing on their vines, the pumpkin (a Jack-0-Lattern type, not an eating type) is getting bigger and bigger, and the broccoli is slowly, oh so slowly, growing still.

Here's hoping some more of these beautiful yellow flowers turn into more pumpkins, and I eventually get to eat a vine ripe tomato from my own garden.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of your little garden. I don't have enough space for one, so I have to oogle your photos and remember the one I had years ago.

I've tagged you (because Elle tagged me...) for a meme if you have the time! It's an easy one, so if you get the chance, check out my blog.