I'm being spoiled! Blogging By Mail Package #2!

Yes, I know I just blogged about my package for Blogging by Mail yesterday, but I have another one today!

Now normally I wouldn't receive two packages, but as Stephanie told me a few weeks ago, there was a tiny little problem, and as a result, I ended up with two packages rather than the one. Considering it was in my favor, I didn't argue with her, but instead, got two surprises in the mail!

And what a surprise I got today! Just look at this!

This package came from Los Angeles, California, thanks to Rachel of Fresh Approach. Rachel's latest blog post says she is taking a hiatus from blogging (once she has blogged about her own package), but hopefully it will be a short one and she will find happiness in her blog again.

Now back to my little package!

The customs label on it said candy, but what it meant was CANDY!!!! :-)

Okay, a few non candy items, like Peppered Soy Jerky, and Spiced Dried Mango, and Sweet and Spicy Herbal Tea, as well as Wasabi Peas, plus my absolute favorite, a little whisk key chain!

What an adventure this gift is turning out to be!

I admit I don't know what the little White Rabbit candies will be like, but I am really looking forward to these Marshmallow Caramel from Sur La Table!

Also included were two bars of dark chocolate and some lemon honey sticks - my children went just wild over the idea of lemon honey sticks!

Thanks so much Rachael!

And an extra big thanks for Stephanie!


Hello Adrienne said...

dear quella:

I don't want to ruin your experiance blogging by mail experiance but i wanted to bring these two articles to your attention about the White Rabbit candy:




Like I said i dont want to ruin anything for you, but i want you to be informed.

Helene said...

Great package! I have been trying to leave you a comment about the mirror cake but the comment box on my end is not working for that particular post. I wanted to congratulate you on a beautiful cake. You did a great job!