Blogging by Mail!

Well despite the address being off by a number, my Blogging by Mail package came yesterday!

And if you thought I was excited, you should have seen my children, who were jumping up and down, wanting me to open it at the post office, then in the van, then before I even came through the door with it! In contrast to them, I was a model of cool and serenity - and honestly, when am I ever serene? :-)

For those of you who don't know, this version of Blogging By Mail is being hosted by Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness! I think it looks like it is alot of work and am not sure I would want to host it, but sure am glad when someone else does! Thanks Stephanie!

So back to the package....

My package came by way of South Carolina, courtesy of Renee, who's blog is The Beauty of Gray. Thanks Renee!

It was a bit difficult to get a good picture, especially with those kids trying to get at everything all at once, but I tried. And here is a list of what was in my package:

Two of Renee's favorite recipes, one for English Trifle (her grandmother's!) and one for Taco Dip
A small witch, celebrating her favorite Holiday, Halloween.
Gevalia Green Tea
Four books: Goodnight Moon by Margaret Brown; Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine; a book from the Andy Griffith show, and a cartoon book on the differences between cats and dogs.
A package of Lemony Snicket postcards and matching pencil.
A package of Extra Polar Ice, Renee's favorite gum.
A copy of two of Renee's favorite Gene Kelly movies, The Pirate and Summer Stock.

Thanks again Renee - the kids tore into the books, but left me the tea and the movies. :-)


Janet said...

YAY - you got your package!! I really don't know if I have the patience for this blogging event... my heart sinks everynight when I go to the mailbox and there's nothing there yet.....

Jes said...

So much fun! I can't believe I missed doing this one time!

Anonymous said...

Getting packages is always such a treat! As Jes said, so much fun!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Helene said...

Great package! It is always such a treat to get a package!