Birthday Cake for my "little guy"

Been quite awhile since I've blogged - no particular reason, no enthusiasm or desire to blog.

Still cooking and baking, though, and occasionally remembering to take pictures.

Last month my oldest child turned 12 and requested a 4 tiered cake of any flavor for his birthday. I was disinclined to make 4 tiers for a 12 year old, so he got 4 layers instead, alternating vanilla and chocolate with a white chocolate buttercream. His birthday gift from us had been a fish tank and some fish, so it seemed only appropriate to give him a fish themed cake (when his request for a fondant cake was "surprise me".)

One of my boys only likes to eat the fondant and icing, the other likes to eat the cake, but not the fondant, so between the two of them, they can eat a piece of cake. Fortunately we had family and friends to share this with.


norapinephrine said...

That's one awesome cake!!

Becky said...

That is an amazing cake! I recently made my first fondant cake for my friends birthday party. Also check out my blog: