Menu Plan Monday: Nov 28

Wow, is it really less than a month until Christmas? November sure went by fast!

This week I have a few days off work, time that I can spend in the kitchen, mostly cleaning, but also cooking. And I'm still having fun with my mixer, even though I haven't baked up a storm yet.

Sunday: Grey Cup dinner: various little munchies, including nachos and chicken fingers

Monday: Homemade lasagna (and by homemade I mean, home ground meat, fresh made pasta and sauce)

Tuesday: Pizza (been promising the kids pizza from this one place for awhile and it is time to finally do it)

Wednesday: Roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy

Thursday: Spaghetti (again, homemade) with tomato sauce.

Friday: Left overs

Saturday: Date night!

Have a happy week!

(This plan is being submitted to Menu Plan Mondays)

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norapinephrine said...

Hola! What recipe and cut of meat did you use for the roast? Mine are always a failure...