Menu Plan Monday: Nov 21

*** Ugh, forgot to hit post on this, so this is a few days late!***

I bought myself a present on the weekend, a new stand mixer to go along side of Bob, my faithful little KA. Hrothbert, aka Bob's Big Little Brother, is shiny and much more powerful, but has yet to have his picture taken!

I plan to use him throughout the week, and include him in some of my planning.

Sunday: Peach Bourbon chicken with fennel scalloped potatoes and roasted broccoli. With Red Velvet cupcakes for dessert (can you tell we had company for this?)

Monday: Homemade pasta and garlic bread.

Tuesday: left overs!

Wednesday: Herb marinated pork loin with sauted veggies.

Thursday: Chicken fingers with veggies and dip (I'm at work for dinner)

Friday: Egg rolls and Chinese food hodgepodge (frozen items from the grocery store - again, I'm at work)

Saturday: Lamb burgers with salad.

And that's my plan for Menu Plan Monday, hosted by Laura.

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