Menu Plan Monday: Short week June 20

This week marks the last week of school for the kids, and the last week of my full time employment. I have voluntarily taken a huge cut in hours, down to 1.5 shifts a week from 5 full shifts, in order to be home with my kids this summer. I think I remember what it is like to be home with the kids. And I'm pretty sure I remember how to cook and bake with them home as well.

This week also marks my 15th wedding anniversary, which both the hubby and I have off of work, so we will get to spend some time together!

Short plan, but here we go, my entry for this week's Menu Plan Monday:

Sunday: Dinner with family to celebrate a birthday and anniversary (yummy ribs and potato salad)

Monday: Chicken caesar salad with garlic bread

Tuesday: Hamburgers, coleslaw and watermelon (oh yes, fries in the freezer if needed)

Wednesday: Pork tenderloin with pears and apples

Thursday: Anniversary night, but dinner tucked in between music, so either Wendy's or Subway.

Friday: Last day of school - whatever the kids pick that night (one year it was funnel cake, another year it was go out for pizza, the year before, waffles with fruit - so who knows what it will be?)

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Cindy Sue said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! Hope it's a very special burger/sub, maybe both!