I'm off for the week!

And you'll never guess where I am!!!

I've gone back to school for the week, to college of all places (cause that's what you do when you take time off of work!)

Today was day one of Introduction to Baking and Pastry, the first course I will need to get my culinary certificate. For the next 4 days, I will be in a baking lab, wearing my chef's coat and little black hat, saying, "Yes Chef" and baking up a storm. I don't expect to learn alot (as there is nothing on the sylabus that I have not already made multiple times), but is sure is fun to be in such a huge kitchen, with mammoth ovens, multiple restaurant style dishwashers, and baking up a storm!

I'll be taking pictures as I can this week, so will do an update when I am all done.

Have a lovely week!

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