Menu Plan Monday: More cow and some paint

Paint and a cow is not a combination you expect to see when it comes to a menu plan, but this week, that's what I've got. First, I picked up my 1/4 of a cow last night, with the "help" and company of my Little SC. Then my oldest helped me count out the various packages as I put them into the freezer.

I think it is safe to say I won't run out of ground beef any time soon - not with 54 lbs of it!

No roasts in my freezer, though, just 'summer cuts' in steaks and braising ribs. That's fine, we'll live with that.

Now the connection to paint....

We've lived in this house for almost a year now and living with the decorating choices of the former owner has been pulling me down. Budget wise, however, I had to. That and the total repaint of our old home before we sold it had my hands cramping up every time I even thought about picking up a roller.

I finally could not stand it anymore, the gold glazed wall in my kitchen, with the sponge painted underside of bulkheads above my cabinets. And, more importantly, my hubby 'volunteered' to paint! Goodbye gold, glazed sponge paint!

So my kitchen has not exactly been functioning the last few days, which means the plan of sausages with tomatoes and mashed potatoes from last night is likely to happen tonight, and last night became pick up pizza on the way home night.

And my kitchen is so much lighter and brighter, so that was well worth a few pizzas!

Sunday: Left overs (I had a work meeting and ate there.)

Monday: Pizza from the local bar, pretty good.

Tuesday: Sausages with tomatoes and mashed potatoes (or sausages on a bun with chips.)

Wednesday: Rib eye steaks with salad.

Thursday: Homemade hamburgers

Friday: I'm out of town with my little one, so my two "big boys" get to fend for themselves.

Saturday: They are still on their own, I think they can handle it fine.

And that's my plan for the week, which I will be adding in to the plans from hundreds of others on Menu Plan Monday.

Pictures of my newly painted kitchen next week. Or after I find curtains for it.


pam said...

See, I told you to get ready for the ground beef! Giada has a quick bolognese (posted on my blog) that has become a staple around here.

Megan said...

54 lbs of meat? Uh, I hope you have a large freezer!

Amanda said...

54 lbs of meat?? Holy Cow! (Sorry... that was bad...) Enjoy!