Yes, I still love Dorie

As I said earlier, just because I've had to leave TWD officially, doesn't mean I won't still be making Dorie recipes on a regular basis. Like last night. When I made two.

Did you know that caramelizing sugar goes from light amber to burning, boiling black in an instant? And that burnt sugar smells lingers a very, very long time, traveling through the house.

However if you stand there and don't blink, you can catch the sugar just as it turns color, add the cream and make Dorie's Caramel Sauce. Which, when it cools, you can probably eat with a spoon.

I'm not saying this from experience. I just suspect it is true.

Surprisingly, after 4 pieces of Almost Fudge Gateau, with a side of ice cream and a generous dousing of caramel sauce, we still have half a jar of the sauce left.

No worries, I'm sure it won't last long. There is still half a gateau left. And still people around to eat it, other than me.


Meeta K. Wolff said...

That is a droolworthy Dorie recipe! Jenny looks great!

steph- whisk/spoon said...

i am way too familiar with black caramel, unfortunately. :)

caramel sauce on top of almost fudge gateau with ice cream--oh my gosh!!

Megan said...

I must have missed my invitation to come to your house for dessert.....

Brilynn said...

Caramel is an evil thing. Delicious, yes. Evil, yes. It bests me on a regular basis.
The gateau looks lovely!

Peabody said...

Ah the almost fudge gateau was a tasty one. And caramel makes everything better.