Odds and Ends

No Tuesday with Dorie for me this week, the Cheddar Apple Scones, chosen by Karina. Sorry Karina! Sometimes life just gets in the way of baking. And it has been one of those weeks.

Here are some examples of why it has been one of those weeks....

Pretty, isn't it? Except that it is tempered glass, the top of by patio table. And it shattered on me while I was trying to put the umbrella in it so we could sit outside in the shade on Canada Day.

Fortunately for me, the glass did not cut my feet and was reasonably easy to pick up with the help of my neighbors shop vac and my father-in-law. There was alot of little pieces, but despite our persistence, I'm sure we missed something.

The savory filling for the second half of my danish braid, chicken with broccoli, yellow peppers, red onion, cheddar cheese and a few spoonfuls of mayonnaise. I made way too much filling, enough for 2 large braids, but that's okay because the filling is very good with just a spoon or wrapped up in a buttery leaf of Boston lettuce for lunch.

I took 26 pictures of this piece of the braid and this is the best from that batch, which I think is terrible. The braid was good, but the filling was even better. I think the pastry would have worked better without the orange and cardamom. Next time.

My friend, Bam Bam's Mom, reminded me that butter tarts are also a Canadian dessert, which I had had a mind block on when coming up with my dessert for SHF: Mmmm Canada. Her reminder sent me to the kitchen to throw together a batch. Fortunately I had a batch of pie dough in the fridge, which made these a very quick thing to make, though I had to scrounge for raisins as my 5 year old had eaten all of ours for school snacks.

To cap off my crazy week, I give you this picture. I spent a good hour this morning scrubbing my fridge out. I wiped, I disinfected, I placed things nicely back inside. Then a child came along for some milk.....

One last thing - a huge FELICITATION!!! to my friend and fellow Daring Baker, Tartelette, on her upcoming cookbook! She has been teaching me how to make things for awhile now, and has always been generous with her help and baking secrets! I can't wait to see what her book offers.

For everyone else, I call dips on the Baking With Tartelette Blog Event!


BC said...

That is fantastic news about Tartlette's cookbook! Let me know where and when and I'll be there.

Susan Shaw said...

Carrot pudding is another VERY Canadian dessert, although it is usually served only at Christmas.