I've been tagged and awarded!

What a nice way to start your day, with an award from a fellow food blogger, my new friend Megan, whose blog My Baking Adventures, is on my daily read list (along with her kids blog, Cooking with the Kids.) No cash prizes, or cars, with this award, just recognition, which is a good thing!

Thanks muchly Megan!

A few rules with this ward:

*Put the logo on your blog.
*Add a link to the person who awarded you.
*Nominate at least seven other blogs.
*Add links to those blogs on your blog.
*Leave a message for your nominee on their blogs.

I always have a hard time nominating people for these things, but this award seems to be fairly new, so I have some long time friends I can nominate for this.

Mary The Sour Dough

Ivonne Cream Puffs in Venice

Lis La Mia Cucina

BC - Beans and Caviar

Jasmine Confessions of a Cardamom Addict

Peabody Culinary Concoctions by Peabody

Kelly Sass and Veracity

Helen - Tartelette

Notice a theme going here? These are all fellow Daring Bakers! And blogs I read whenever they show up on my blog reader, right away. All wonderful ladies whom I hope to have a chance to get together with for a big food and gab fest. What could be better than that?

Now to the tag....

Megan actually did this as well, tagged me with 6 Random Things you really want to know about me. This might be harder to pass along, though I might go with some of the same people I tagged with my award.

1. I've just spent a week with no children. Did I take advantage of this and enjoy a spa like week, sleeping in every day and living the carefree life? No, I cleaned my oven, my pantry, my front closet, both my children's rooms, did some touch up painting and other mundane tasks. Sure, my house is cleaner, but did I waste my week?

2. I am the lead singer of our family band on Rock Band for the wii. I don't sing too horribly, though no one will ever offer me a singing contract, but I seem to be able to match the tones well. And I am determined that I WILL survive singing Boston's Foreplay/Long Time on expert!

3. I have not yet started my Daring Baker's challenge for this month. Which is very late for me. I plan to start, and finish it, today. Which means I better check my ingredients and see if I need to go shopping.

4. Last night I swam 1200 meters during swimming, then came home and made a banana milkshake.

5. Last week I had a very quiet birthday, with no cake, no kids and no party. I did get crawfish though. According to the wii fit, I am 26, but really, I just turned 36. As fun as the wii fit is, sometimes it really does not know what it is talking about (like telling me I gained over 20 pounds in less than 36 hours? Or once telling me I'd gained 9 pounds in less than 8 hours. Sheesh!)

You know, coming up with 6 random things is harder than it looks!

6. Even though I will do a blog meme, and pass along awards, I rarely do email fwds, especially the ones that ask you to answer questions about yourself and then forward to so many people before your luck will run out. Once in awhile a really good joke comes along and I will forward it, but mostly I don't.

Hmmm now who to tag....

So double tagging for BC, and for Kelly, and for Lis, and for Jasmine, but I think I will have to let it go at that. Just about everyone else on that list is super, super busy right now with things (and I will do NOTHING to hinder the Tartelette cookbook, so no meme's for Helen!)

Now to go check my recipe and see what I need.

Have a good day everyone!


Megan said...

I would have taken the wii platform and thrown it out the window. The nerve!

Thanks for playing, I really enjoyed getting to know you more!

Peabody said...

Happy belated birthday!
Ah Rock Band, so not a fan of that game. I hate when I go to a party and they have it. It's karaoke gone very bad(and karaoke is bad enough). But I could see it being fun with kids. I always get stuck singing and I suck. Garbage and Oasis songs are the only thing I seem to be good at...and that is not saying a lot. :)

Anonymous said...

OH sweetie!! How did I miss your birthday!!!!

Thanks for giving me an award. I'll get it up as soon as possible. I promise.


kellypea said...

Hahaha! I haven't been tagged for a while, but am more than honored to be a recipient of any tag by you. Thanks so much. Erm, but I can't say I'm very good at the whole singing thing since I've only done karioke once, and never Wii. In fact, I don't think I spelled either of those correctly! But I'll get on this and hopefully find a clever way to get it done. Thanks again, Jenny. Mwah!

Lis said...

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday Dear Jenny... Happy Birthday to you!!! And mannnyyy moooorrreeee! :D

I have got to get myself a wii.. I'm missing out on all the fun!

Thanks SO MUCH for the award, I am quite honored! :) And the meme too.. I love memes!! :D

Hugs sweets!