First trip to the Farmer's Market

It took me much longer than I wanted to make it to the Farmer's Market, held each Sunday at Lansdowne Park, as well as Thursdays starting at 2pm. Out of town trips, plus other events, were conspiring against me, but I was finally able to get there yesterday morning. Along with my basket carrying helper.

You can bet he was happy to come, especially when he got to taste test several things, including this maple cotton candy. Yes, we brought home a bag.

I'm not sure what I would do with garlic shallots, so left these behind. A bit regretfully.

I've had a Bison burger before and found it didn't taste much different than a regular, well made burger. I'm tempted to pick some up next time, though, and see if anyone else in the house notices. Same with Elk. Think I could sneak that past the boys?

In case you were wondering what exactly a Jerusalem Artichoke looks like. A cross between a potato and ginger?

A gift for a foodie friend who likes jewelery? These ingenious ladies had a table under the name of Fork N'Things, where they made different types of jewelery using old silverware. They had pendants as well as bracelettes. What a great way to recycle!

I was told these were picked daily, with whatever looked good in the garden beds that morning. Only what was in season. What a great way to plan your salad.

I'm sure most people don't know that all peppers start out green, and then change colors. We aren't fans of the green, but love yellow, red and orange. Purple is tasty too.

The first local strawberries of the season. We've had a tonne of rain, after a very long winter, so I am hoping there are lots of berries this season. We have a pick your own field up the road from us, so we plan to pick alot this year!

As tempting as these were, I found them a bit pricey, at $6 for half a small bag. Fiddleheads are beautiful though, aren't they?

We brought home a jar of this banana cinnamon jam. I'd have put it in my 9 year old's lunch today if I had been able to figure out where it went. I don't think my 5 year old had the chance to eat it all with a spoon (which he wanted to do after taste testing it) but he might have hid it so he didn't have to share with his brother.

Such beautiful daisies. If only I had the proper light in my garden for these.

We couldn't leave without a visit to the petting zoo, where we were greeted by a friendly face.

I'm looking forward to lots of other visits to the farmer's market as the season progresses. This trip did not result in alot of purchases, mainly because most of the booths were selling plants or bread, with a healthy sprinkling of condiment vendors.

What is your local farmer's market have available right now?


Jayne said...

How cool! A petting zoo at your Farmers' Market! My kids would love that.

I've bought garlic shallots/garlic scallions several times at my local farmers' market - I use them sliced up in tuna or lobster salads...any place I'd use a scallion or chive or garlic. Get some next time! They're very nice.

This past Friday I brought home baby spinach, mibuna, mizuna, several loaves of Italian bread, eggs,, yes, and a little "pretty in purple" hot pepper plant to add to our garden.

I love the farmers' market! Glad you finally got to go!

Nikki57 said...

wow that brings me back. My brother used to play hockey and we went to Ottawa every year. I always loved their farmers market!

The one in my town doesn't open until the end of the month. I have total farmers market envy right now :)

jef said...

Those fiddleheads will be gone before you know it not to return until next year...Same with those sunchokes. You'll regret not buying them :)

Allison said...

Wow. Great post about the farmer's market. I'm so jealous of yours. Ours is still a bit sparse at the moment.

Megan said...

Veggies look great but that banana cinnamon jam caught my eye! Hope you find it. :)