The case of the missing milk

Yes, milk.

Disappeared. Gone, not to be accounted for.

The other day my sous chef and I hit Costco for some basics. Milk, while it has gone up in price since I joined a few months back, is still cheaper at Costco than anywhere else. We bought two bags, which went down to the basement fridge.

Btw, yes, I have a second fridge in my basement. And I will never be without a second fridge again. If we move, one of my fridges is coming with me.

Now neither the husband or I drink milk. The kids do, but we don't. I cook with it sometimes. Both the husband and I use it on cereal, which I haven't done all week. Both kids use it on cereal, too much actually, as there is usually lots of milk left in the bowl when they are done. And they both drink it.

Oh yes, two bags of milk is 8 liters of milk. Plenty for the week, even with all of us eating cereal every day.

It's Wednesday and neither bag can be found. Not in either fridge, not in a freezer by mistake, not visible on a shelf somewhere by even bigger mistake.

So the real question is... Can two children, aged 5 and 9, drink 8 liters of milk in three days?


Meeta K. Wolff said...

Here here to the too much milk in the cereal - that bugs me. But yes, I think 2 kids could drink 8 liters of milk - if it's been hot! Or look around for cats and kittens in and around your house ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha! Absolutely! I don't drink it, but cook with it. The kids can demolish 2 gallons in 3 days especially when there are freshly baked cookies around!

jasmine said...


Well, I suppose they could. Have you fine toothed combed the place for the little corners, tags and other bits of evidence?


Tart Reform said...

Oh, well, let's just hope the kids drank the milk. One time I could not for the life of me find the ground turkey that I specifically remember paying for. Almost TWO MONTHS later, I got a frantic call from my room mate that the lost tukey was still in her trunk from the trip to the grocery store. Thank goodness for fully sealed packages or else it would probably still smell like spoiled meat.

MsC said...

Sadly, I agree they *could* have drank it all! I have 4 kids (2+2stepkids) and when the stepkids are here, its nothing to go thru 4l in a day :S

AAaah..a fellow Canadian! I buy my milk at Shoppers Drug Mart or Walmart; all around here, its 3.99/4l bag. I used to do the Costco thing, but gave up my membership because it made us buy too much stuff we didn't need :P

BC said...

Hmmm, did you forget it at the store? I've done that and more.

Andrea Meyers said...

ha ha ha

Yes, kids can go through that much milk! We go through 4 gallons of milk a week with our drinking and cooking. We also get ours at Costco because it's the cheapest.