Blogging by mail, a box of goodies for me!

I think I've managed to participate in each of the Blogging by Mail events that have been hosted by Stephanie over at Dispensing Happiness. So when she put out the call for participation in a new round, Little Things, I signed up right away!

My partner this time was April from Cookworm, a fellow Daring Baker. And the post office doesn't like either one of us! She had a few technical difficulties getting her package to me, but it finally made it this week, filled with lots of little goodies for me. (And as for why it doesn't like me, well my package to my partner went out early, with a tracking number and a short delivery date, but so far as I can tell, once it went into the hands of USPS, it has disappeared.)

But back to my package of little things....

April knew I liked chocolate, so she gave me a bunch of little chocolates from Scharffen Berger and Guylian, the perfect size for a little pick me up. And she must have known I like little whisks (they are so cute), which is why she included a mini balloon whisk, as well as a fun little egg turner, for me to play with.

The little jar of ginger bears are very cute and are so pretty to look at it that it might be awhile before I open it. But when I do I will enjoy them with a cup of tea, as April sent me two kinds to try. I won't be waiting to try the biscotti though, and will probably have to fight off the children. Maybe I can distract them with the dried mango?

It has just started to rain outside, and the wind has picked up, making the temperature drop and the house feel cool. I may have to go make myself a cup of tea now, which would give me the perfect excuse to break open my cookies.

Thanks so much April for the goodies, and thanks again to Stephanie for another fun round of Blogging by Mail!


jasmine said...

What a great parcel!

Blogging by Post...yeah...Canada Post doesn't like me much...or maybe they do, and that's why they either delay or don't deliver my parcel?!


cookworm said...

Thanks for the nice words, Jenny! I'm glad you liked everything, and again, so sorry for all the difficulties!