And we have a winner!

This was very fun to do with the boys, and had a surprising outcome!

I sat down with my boys this morning and read off all the entries to them, being very careful not to let them know who wrote what as there were a few where I personally knew the story teller and I did not want to influence the boys in their choice. At the end of all the comments, they each had a favorite, though it was not the same one, but they understood that they had to agree on one story.

After careful consideration, they finally agreed up a winner with this entry:

Once upon a time there were 3 little girls who loved to bake with their grandma (true). Grandma loved to bake pies because everybody loved them and she won awards for them (true). Then one day an evil power ranger kidnapped one of the girls (false). So Grandma decided to bake pies to win her granddaughter back. She made 3 award winning pies and taught the girls to make little baby pies. "Not like that Colly" she'd say "you have to flute the edges like this" (true). They all rode flying snakes to the evil power ranger's castle. "Here are some pies in exchange for my little granddaughter" the grandmother offered. "Mmmmm those smell so good" said the evil power ranger "besides this kid is too much trouble". Many many years later, there are 3 little girls who love to bake pies with their mother. Now it's the mother that says "Not like that LuLu, you need to flute the edges like this". (true)And they all lived happily ever after.

"I liked the Power Rangers, it was really fun. It was also quite silly." said one judge.

"I liked how they were telling a story, telling both true parts and false parts, and it was quite interesting." said our second judge.

And then they smiled and giggled like crazy when I told them who had written this entry, their friends from Utah!

Oh and I should add in that their winning choice was not the same as my winning choice.

I believe there was a tie for second place, between Katie and her "sprinkle, sprinkle" two year old, and littlelisa with her Korean cooking class. And both boys thought offering a recipe as a bribe was cheating, though I'm willing to try out the recipe if it just happens to show up on my email. (insert smiley here!)

As I said, this was alot of fun, not just for myself, but also for my boys. Thanks again to Yvette for giving me a chance to host a cookbook giveaway, and to get my kids a bit more involved in the kitchen!

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