A long distance thank you!

Looking at my blog over the last year, there has been alot of belated and delays and such. You'd think I was frequently late and disorganized.

I'm not, really I'm not.

So even though I've had these wonderful cookies for quite awhile now, I'm not late.

A little background probably would help at this point.

A little while back, two of the Daring Baker's decided to host a Blog Event called the Risotto Relay. Make a risotto, post about it, and you could win a package of Tin Tams. If you are from Australia, you know what a Tim Tam is. But if you are from Canada, Tim Tam's sound like a knock off of Timbits. That is what I always thought when I heard the name Tim Tams, though it never matched up with what I had heard and seen of Tim Tam's from the Down Under blogs that had mentioned them.

Now I like risotto. The other three members of my household, however, don't. Sure you can make a small batch of risotto for one or two, but sorry, I don't have time for making something for one person and something different for everyone else. So I sadly declined the invitation to participate, and my chance to win the package of Tim Tams.

That's where Stephanie came in to my rescue!

Stephanie, a fellow Daring Baker, has relocated to Australia, and was sympathetic to my desire to try Tim Tams. She offered to send me some by mail and I was happy to accept!

Now when Stephanie made her offer, I was expecting a small package containing something about the size of a chocolate bar. What I wasn't expecting was a good sized box with not one but FOUR different kinds of Tim Tams!

Original, Dark Chocolate, Chewy Caramel and Latte!

Holy Cow!

My initial plan had been to try all four types before blogging a huge thanks to Stephanie, who asked me to let her know what the three types she hadn't tried yet were like. But since I am conserving them, if I wait until we are done all of them, it might be awhile before she would get to hear how the tastings went. (And I must add that I am showing remarkable self restraint in not having inhaled all of them yet.)

So far we have eaten the Original and the Chewy Caramel. The Original were very good, nothing like what I was expecting. Layers of cookie, sandwiching a chocolaty filling, and covered by chocolate. The Chewy Caramel was even better and reminded me of a Twix bar, which is good because it will be alot easier for me to get a Twix when I crave those Tim Tams than it will be for me to replenish our supply of Tim Tams. (The shipping on them alone makes that cost prohibitive.)

Haven't opened the other two packages yet, so I can't yet give my opinion of them, but I'll get there!

So another huge THANKS! to Stephanie for this great gift! The offer of some Tim Horton's coffee is still there if you want it! I won't try sending you Timbits though.


Janet said...

hmmmm aren't they good. On my birthday in August, Nora B from Life's Smorgasbord sent me 4 packages of Tim Tams.... I inhaled them. They were soooo good!

Sara said...

Jealous! I've always wanted to try one. Have you done a Tim Tam Slam yet?

steph- whisk/spoon said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you like them-- I rarely buy them myself, because I can eat half a package in one go!

Dharm said...

I love Tim Tams too! Used to eat them by the bucketloads as a student in Melbourne. Fortunately, you can still get them in Malaysia!!

Brilynn said...

Just the site of them brings a tear to my eye... ;) Sooo tasty!
Make sure you do a Tim Tam Slam!

Christy said...

You have to try a Tim Tam slam!!!