Happy Halloween!

The children are done trick or treating, and the loot has been checked. Now while my family curls up on the couch and enjoys our yearly viewing of The Nightmare Before Christmas, please enjoy a treat from our home to yours - some lovely chocolate cookies!

The recipe for these cookies comes from Nicole over at Baking Bites, who posted about some very cool mummy cookies some time ago. I've had that page open since then, and finally got them finished late this afternoon. My mummies don't look nearly as good as hers (my white chocolate was not cooperating so I moved on to ghosts covered in a glaze of icing sugar and milk and some plain bats,) but they sure taste good!

I hope you have had a wonderful Halloween!

(And yes, that is my little pumpkin, all dressed up! I didn't have time to carve it up, any further than to pull out the seeds.)


Deborah said...

I love the pumpkin!! We only barely carved pumpkins last night - but I will remember this idea if we don't get to the pumpkins in time in years to come! And the cookies look wonderful!

Glenna said...

The pumpkin is hilarious and I love the cookies--so cool!