Can I remember where I keep all my ingredients?

Back in my own home, my own kitchen. Trying to remember where I put things!

Fortunately, it's not that big a kitchen, and I managed to find everything in time to make some blueberry oatmeal squares so that my husband could put some in his lunch today. Except I think I forgot to tell him he could, and he didn't.

Oh well, the kids enjoyed having a piece as a snack in the park this morning instead. And I brought wipes with me, just in case.

This recipe comes from the August issue of Canadian Living magazine. It is the cover recipe, so has not yet made their online recipe list, but I'm sure it will. (If you aren't in Canada and want the recipe, email me and I'll jot it down for you.)

This was a messy square. Messy to cut and messy to eat. Tasty though, and fairly healthy, despite the sugar, as it involved 1 1/2 cups of oatmeal and 3 cups of blueberries. Yes, there was butter, white flour, and sugar, but it still had all those blueberries!

I'm glad the children liked it, as I have made the decision not to keep prepackaged granola bars around anymore. They don't often get them in their school lunches or snacks, as I prefer to send items in that don't involve garbage, but I usually have a few boxes around for their Dad's lunches and for back up. Now their Dad can keep a few boxes at his desk, for his own back up, which means he can keep nut based ones for his own needs, and in his lunch box, just like the children, he can take along a homemade bar or square.

So now I am on the lookout for square and bar recipes that I would be willing to let my children put in their school lunches. Lots of testing ahead!


Rachel said...

I have a great recipe for bars. It came from a little booklet I got from Sunmaid Raisins.
Raisin Energy Bars
4 egg whites, or 2 whole eggs
1/4 cup sugar
4 teaspoons vegetable oil
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 2/3 cups plain "no added fat" or low fat granola
1 cup raisins
3 tablespoons toasted wheat germ
3 tablespoons raw sunflower seeds
4 teaspoons sesame seeds
Beat egg whites and sugar in large bowl with wisk until smooth. Beat in oil, cinnamon and vanilla extract. Stir in remaining ingredients. Blend well. Coat generously a 13x9-inch baking pan with nonstick cooking spray. Turn raisin mixture into pan. Pat to even layer. Bake at 300 degrees for 20-25 minutes or until edges are golden brown. Cool 5 minutes in pan.
These are GREAT!!!

Elle said...

I have a great Fruit and Oat Bar recipe from the Macrina Bekery (in Seattle) cookbook which seems a lot like this. E-mail me if you want the recipe (see Daring Bakers).

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Tom says I sometimes have a brain like a sieve. I too often forget things like that. YOur little treat looks great though and a fantastic way to use berries!

breadchick said...

I think next to blackberry season, blueberry season is my favourite time of summer. I would LOVE this recipe.

Janet said...

Those look fanastic. Reminds me of one of my favorites... homemade date squares. hmmmm

Cheryl said...

Welcome Back!!

Judy said...

Oh yes, I lose everything too.

Ooh, squares....yummy!

*Rae* said...

Oh those look so yummy

Poonam said...

These look fantastic...I am here for the first time...enjoyed the bagels too!

Jannett said...

I saw these in the Canadian Living. They look amazing. One can not beat blueberries and oatmeal together.


Jannett said...

I saw these on the cover of Canadian Living. They look just a good here.
Did you enjoy Niagara Falls. You were not far from me when you were there.