Something I bought myself in Utah

I did a bit of shopping when I was in Utah, visiting our friends. My friend was a bit confused when I stopped to look at the spice section of Target, but I told her, we don't have the same spices!

One of the items I picked up was this spicy citrus blend of sea salt. It sounded interesting.

I didn't even notice the scoop portion written on the jar, so imagine my surprise to find this itty bitty little scoop inside my jar of salt! It was so cute!

And actually secondary to the fact that the salt was good! I used it the first time this week on a piece of talapia, which I seasoned on both sides with the salt, and sauted in a hot pan with olive oil and butter.

The salt did not make the fish salty, just flavorful. Nor did it dry it out. Instead the fish was moist and tender. I had made it for myself (being the only real fish eater in the house, canned salmon and tuna excepted) but had both children try it. Both enjoyed it. Which gives me some hope that I can make this again for the family dinner some day!

Having had success with the fish, I tried it again the next night on a roasted chicken. Sorry, no pictures of the chicken, we were too hungry to eat, and had 4 children to feed with it. Again, the flavor was mild but wonderful!

I've already warned my friend that I will be calling her at some point and asking her to hit Target for me, to send me more of this salt. I may also ask her to send me the other flavors and see if I can find another flavor to love!

I bet this would be great on steak!

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