Another Canadian Living Recipe (and my birthday present!)

My birthday was spend in my van, driving home from Hamilton. Not exactly luxurious, but I did get to sleep in my own bed that night, for the first time in almost 3 full weeks.

As nice as that was, it was not exactly a birthday gift.

However because we were traveling, my husband did not have a chance to do any shopping for me. At least not any that I wouldn't be there for, or that we wouldn't have to lug around on our travels.

I wasn't upset about this - he had offered before hand to get me something I had been wanting for awhile: stacking "glass" bowls. You know the kind you see every tv chef use for everything. They hold their mise en place, they act as double boilers, they are good to freeze sorbets in, and you can bake a cake in one. I had been holding off on getting any, mostly because I couldn't decide which place I wanted to order them from.

So nice surprise for me to come home to a new Ashton Green catalogue, and to find the bowl set I want on sale! Yippee!

I ordered two sets, plus the 4 1/2 qt bowl extra. (I need to go back soon and buy 4-5 more of that sized bowl though, it is so handy!)

That's 19 new bowls!

Happy as can be, kid in a candy store, what else could I do the day I picked up my bowls but make a new recipe and try and use as many of them as possible?

Okay, I had actually planned in advance to make this recipe, mole turkey wings, found on page 142 of the August Canadian Living Magazine. Again, like the blueberry bars, the recipe is not yet online, but have some patience and it will show up next month!

I ended up making chicken wings, simply because I could not find 3 pounds of turkey wings. I will be keeping an eye out for turkey wings, however, and stocking up on them if I can. Not only will I be making this recipe again, there were several other wing recipe in the magazine that I would like to try.

Mole sauce was a bit risky to try with the children. I tweeked their interest by letting them know that the sauce had almond butter and chocolate in it. That was enough to get them to at least try it, though in one case, not enough to get him to eat the entire small piece of chicken he had. The other inhaled his though, asked for another wing, and more sauce put on his rice.

The rice I made to accompany these wings was steamed jasmine rice (about the only kind I make), tossed with green onions. Normally I don't put anything into rice, letting whatever sauce is part of the meal flavor them. My husband and I agreed, however, that the onion slices made a nice addition to the rice, so I will likely be doing add-ins for rice more often.

The sauce, btw, for these wings, was very good and very plentiful. Not only were the wings very generously coated, but there was alot of sauce left over for the rice. And some!

Now, what excuse do you think I can use to get someone to buy me more of the big bowl?

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Janet said...

I have those exact same bowl!! Ashton Green ROCKS!! My only issue with those bowls is they don't transfer heat in the microwave well...