Recipe by request, and a little bit of fun

Earlier today I posted my salad's for Lisa and Kelly's Salad Stravaganza and included in it a small picture of the chicken I had made and served to go with one of those salads.

I guess I was silly to not post a recipe for the chicken as well but then I was just happy to get an entry in on time (since I missed the HHDD one by a few days even though I made the recipe on time, again.)

Oh, and there isn't much of a recipe I can give for this, but I'll try!

Zest 2 limes, then juice the limes into a bowl. If they are light on juice, juice another lime. Chop up a good handful of fresh cilantro leaves and mix them in with the lime juice and zest. Add salt and pepper then drizzle in a good amount of olive oil, mixing as you drizzle until you have a good consistency, almost an emulsification.

Place chicken breasts, skin on, bone in for this photo, either in a flat container or in a ziploc bag. Pour all the marinade onto the chicken and try to coat each piece. Let sit for several hours, turning the chicken ocassionally.

Bbq on medium high heat, turning frequently, until the chicken is cooked through.

On a completely different note - today I got to volunteer in my youngest child's classroom, making ice cream. His teacher has been doing this for many years, so had her own recipe that she had made up, and on old fashioned hand-crank ice cream machine. (Yes, my arms are sore now!) I tried to get the recipe for it, and ended up writing down what went into her canister, with the help of the children.

1 cup of sugar
2 cans of condensed milk (300ml cans)
2 tablespoons of vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon of salt

And now for the really, really scary part........

9 1/2 cups of whipping cream!

No, I am not kidding! I counted as each child poured in their little carton of cream!

The ice cream came out very smooth and creamy, but also very rich and had a bit of an odd mouthfeel from all the cream.

And the children loved it, several asking for more!

Ah, one of the reasons why I wanted to be home with my kids, so I can volunteer at the school to do stuff like this!


Anuhea said...

Mmm, that chicken looks good and its just about lunch time here in Hawaii...And then I keep reading and ALL THAT CREAM? That's a little much...maybe I'm not so hungry anymore....hehehe

Janet said...

That chicken looks even better in the bigger picture!! I am going to try it! I might skip the fatty fat ice cream though :-) You are lucky to be able to volunteer at your kids school. My kids go to french school, and I don't speak french all that well, so they don't want me (no english allowed at school) :-(

Lis said...

Chicken looks yummy, Jenny! I want to try that!

As for that ice cream.. that's a bit squicky for me.. wonder why she uses so much whipping cream? And what's up with that? When I was in school we never got to do fun things like that! I'm jealous =) hehe


Anonymous said...

Funny! I have that same problem when posting my salads -- or other food I make for that matter. I'm struggling with the camera, and what? Now I have to have a pad to write down exactly what I put in my recipes. *sigh* I'll figure it all out.

And YES! I do believe the amount of heavy cream in that ice cream. You have to close your eyes when you pour it in and claim ignorance! That's what I do.