A bit late but.... Introducing the Newest Daring Bakers!

Joining us for the newest challenge, to be posted about later in the month of June, are 19 new members!

All of their blogs have been added to my sidebar list of Daring Baker's, with links so you can get to know their blogs, as I am doing with the ones I didn't know (I admit, that is most of them.)

So here they are!

Food and Photo
Cupcake, My Love
My Food Geek
Confessions of a Cardamom Addict
Should You Eat That
Nook & Pantry
Cupcake Punk
The Left-Over Queen
Corner of 94th
Little Foodies
A Fridge Full of Food
Sweet Tooth
I Cook, Therefore I Run
Vals Kitchen
The Glutton
A Cracking Good Egg
Mele Cotte
Smitten Kitchen

I hope that these links work, but if not, the ones at the side should be good to go!


Tara said...

There are 19 new members, but only 18 links. You seem to be missing... me!

Should You Eat That


Jenny said...

Turns out you were there but you were accidentally stuck to Confessions of a Cardamom Addict cause I missed the enter key!

I'm so sorry Tara!

Tara said...

Thanks for fixing it up :)

Valentina said...

How lovely of you to put these here.

Freya said...

And a welcome from me to all the new girls (and guys as I believe there's at least one there) - can't wait to see how we all do with the challenge!
Thanks Jenny for dealing with the tedium of links too!

Big Boys Oven said...

Sounds interesting! How long is the next Q?

Leann said...

I am interested in this challenge when you get ready to do another one. How do I get in on this? It sounds wonderfully fun!!!

I am Leann at...
Crunchy Culinary Capers

Jenny said...

Hi Leann! I'm not seeing an email address anywhere on your site, so can't get back to you that way.
The way to join the DB's is to either be invited by Ivonne or Lis or to contact Ivonne (Cream Puff's in Venice) or Lis (La Mia Cucina) and ask them if you can join. Ivonne at least has an email on her site for people to contact her with.
We are posting this week for this month's challenge and if you haven't joined or been invited by the end of the month, you have to wait until the next month.
I'm not sure what criteria the ladies use for new members, if it is just an ask and you shall be invited or if there is something else.

Leann said...

Thank you!!! I need to make sure my e-mail is more visible and not "hiding" so well. LOL I will take a look at the other ladies sites and make inquiry there. Your quick response is very impressive and appreciated!!!!! :)