Sneak Peeking

There is a really fun blogging event going on right now, making the rounds and catching on everywhere. I got my first glimpse of it at a fellow DB'ers blog and since then have seen it on 6 other blogs! I bet Sam didn't expect this kind of response!

Guess it's time to jump in with both feet! Or in this case, with open fridge doors!

My fridge hasn't exactly been edited, though I did clean the shelfs up some, mostly because I was taking the picture after I had just gone grocery shopping and I was trying to find room to fit everything in! In the process I removed 6 different containers of colored icing, left overs from my cake decorating class (I had to cancel going to Cake 2 as I sprained my wrist and couldn't hold a pastry bag, I'm so bummed!), two partial bottles of gatorade from a few months back (my kids drink it when they have high, high fevers and won't take an oral rehydration solution,) and took out one or two other old items, but otherwise that's it.

Okay from the top left shelf: water filter, 1% milk and some plain yogurt for baking.
Second from top, starting left: 1 dozen brown eggs, 18 white eggs (I'm not that fussy, just going through alot of eggs lately), left over sausage and cauliflower from dinner in the tupperware, with two jars of Pace salsa on top of it, one mild, one medium. One liter carton each of buttermilk and 10% cream, package of corn on the cobb (5), variety of yogurts: Danon Strawberry, and vanilla flavors, Silloutte strawberry and banana and one tub of Activia Vanilla. Farm Boy Raspberry jam that wouldn't fit in the door anywhere.
Third little shelf, left to right: 2 250ml cartons of Simply Whites, 500ml tub of light ricotta cheese, 500ml of sour cream, package of white cheese curds, package of colored cheese curds
Contents of drawer: sliced chicken fajita meat, sliced honey maple turkey, provolone cheese slice, havarti slices, chunk of parmessan cheese, cheddar baby bells, mild cheddar cheese, several "pieces" of unsalted butter, still wrapped, in ziplock bags, 2 sticks of unsalted butter
Next shelf: strawberries and two packages of blackberries, sitting on top of package of fresh lasagna noodles. Carrots, tops removed (no room in drawer), individual yogurt pots: Danon for husbands lunch, Kids Danon yogurt pots for 4 year old. (yes, family of 4 and we get different types of yogurt - from the other shelf I eat the Activia, older son eats the rest.) Pre-cored pineapple. Hiding behind that is a bottle of cranberry apple juice.
First drawer: hydroponic Boston lettuce and half a head of red leave lettuce. Half each of a red and yellow pepper, 1/4 of a red onion, 5 or 6 Asian pears, 1 cucumber. Left over bunch of parsley.
Next drawer: 1 bag of 1% milk, 7-8 royal gala apples, 4 bartlette pears and one rosco pear. Bag of white button mushrooms and bag of portabello mushrooms.

I think that is everything. Though that doesn't even cover the stuff in the door, which includes cream cheese and sauces and yeast.

Oh and I have a second fridge in the basement which tends to hold things like bottled water, juice boxes, any pop we have (not often), whatever is defrosting for dinner (a roast right now), and whatever else needs to be in there, depending on the time of year. During the holidays it is usually packed with stuff and in the summer it is loaded with portable drinks so I can grab and go with the kids.


Lis said...

I can't believe you have a family of 4 and you've still got empty space on those shelves!! heheee Cool event! I'd have to uhh do a lil cleanin' myself to join in.. Mmmm hmmm...


Jenny said...

well that is because the pile of red peppers didn't fit in anywhere, I put the rest of the apples, the bananas and the tomato in the basket on the table. I missed the big bag of green beans that is in one of the drawers, and send the rest of the stuff downstairs to the pantry!
If you really want to see something, I should take a picture of the cereal area! You would not believe how much cereal this family can go through!

Freya said...

I'm too embarressed to expose my fridge to the public just yet! I wish it was as organised as yours! Thanks for sharing!

Valentina said...

You have one tidy fridge. Mine is always so full of stuff. It's as if Ihave a big family and ;loads of kids.

Peabody said...

Brave woman...I am afraid to show mine :)

Janet said...

Hi Quellia, I've been enjoying your blog for awhile, but I only just noticed that you are from Ottawa too! I saw your entry on the Pinch my Salt guestbook. I was excited to see another food blogger in Ottawa.

Your fridge is very organized...:-)

Heather said...

Too bad about spraining your wrist. I am in Cake Course 2. You definitely have to be able to squeeze the bag though. We will have to share techniques.

Heather, fellow DB