Introducing the newest round of Daring Bakers!

Holy cow are we ever popular!

Eighteen new members this month! And boy did they join just in time for a doozy of a challenge! (Sorry, can't reveal it until later in the month!)

Over the next few days I will be updating my side bar to include all our newest members, but for now, here is a list of the new members, and their blog names, though no links yet (unless this method of copy and paste actually copies the links too.) I still need to check them out myself as pretty well all of them are new to me!

The Kitchen Pantry - Sara
The Domestic Diva Recipe Rush - Heather
Baking Soda - Karen
Definitely Not Martha - Leslie
Couture Cupcakes - Minko
A Self-Proclaimed Foodaholic - Swee
Eating for One - Heather
Alice Q. Foodie - Alice
Food is Good - Nazca
Jenny Bakes - Jenny
Cooking the Books - Kelly-Jane
Chiles & Chocolate - Erin
64 sq. ft. Kitchen - Rose
Sass and Veracity - Kelly
Kitchen Unplugged - Gattina
WMPE’s Blog - Wendy
Gruel Omelet - Cheryl
Simply Anne’s - Anne

And with these newest members, my bloglines roll climbs to 123 feeds! Oh boy, and I thought I was behind reading them yesterday!

Welcome new baking friends!


Karen Baking Soda said...

Hi Quellia, just a quick visit to say Hi, and

erinlovesmarc said...

Thanks Quelia...nice to meet! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow,so how does one join the daring bakers? I've been reading the blogs for quite some time now and I'd love to take part in all the baking fun (provided there is still room for another--either now or in the future).

either way, I look forward to reading about more challenges!

Anuhea said...

I agree with DOES one go about becoming one?

Jenny said...

Well it is too late for the May challenge - the way to become a member is to tell either Ivonne (Cream Puffs in Venice) or Lis (La Mia Cucina) that you are interested in joining and then wait and see if you get an invite for the next months challenge. I'm sure not everyone who asks gets one, but I know you can't get one at all if you don't let them know you are interested. (Sorry, I can't tell you what, if any, criteria there is for joining. I'm an early member, before we were really popular, so a few things have changed since then.)

Kelly-Jane said...

I'm trying to get round all the DBs gradually!

Your site is lovely! I love your Taste of Yellow cake, it's so feminine and pretty - right up my street :)