Menu Plan Monday: October 16

Right now it looks like I skipped a week of menu planning. In reality, I didn't. I just set the auto publish button to a very unrealistic time and date and did not notice that it hadn't published when I thought it would. (Transposing numbers does not work well when it comes to dates.)

It's October, which around here means busy, busy, busy. I'm back at Saunders Farm this Haunting Season, but in a slightly different role. This year I'm the baker, so in addition to making the gourmet apples and marshmallows, I'm also making lots of yummy pies and cookies to be sold in the bakeshop.

How do you like this gourmet apple?

I'll be making more of those this weekend, if you happen to be at the Farm and get a craving for one.

As tasty as those apples are, they aren't going to feed my family for the week, so here is the menu plan:

Taco night, hard and soft taco bar
Club sandwiches with chips and dip
Crockpot roast chicken with mashed potatoes and roasted brussel sprouts and carrots
Turkey burgers with cranberry mayo and coleslaw
Chili and fixins'
Breakfast for dinner, eggs and toast and fruit smoothies

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Willa@ArmstrongFamilyFare said...

The apples look great!! :)