Menu Plan Monday: I'm back!

Did you miss me?

I had a nice weekend in Toronto with my youngest child. Didn't do much of anything, completely forgot to call Cream Puff until I was almost at Toronto, so didn't see her, and did not eat anywhere that did not involve fast food, but still managed to have a good time.

My little one and I were going for the purpose of seeing my uncle, who is a testament to how important organ donation is - he would not be alive today without someone's foresight and generosity. If you haven't done so, sign your organ donor card today and talk to your family! Even if you sign your card, or have it on your medic bracelet the way I do, your family can overrule you, so let them know you want to be an organ donor!

I admit I did not make my menu plan for the week until sometime this afternoon. We got in last night after 6pm, and were both very tired. Today we tried sleeping in but it didn't work very well for us, so we packed up his brother and went shopping in the US. The price of butter alone makes the trip worth while for me, plus the boys like to pick out things they can't get here, like Goobers, a combination of peanut butter and jelly in the same jar. Ugh to me, but they love it.

Here we go, still a work in progress, but what I'm submitting for this week's Menu Plan Monday:

Sunday: Sheppard's Pie, made by the hubby.

Monday: Pizza and salad, a chicken pizza and a 5 cheese pizza, from Costco.

Tuesday: Steak fajitas

Wednesday: Crockpot chicken and cheesy potatoes.

Thursday: Happy Shrimp with rice. I think. Maybe. Oh, who knows!

Friday: Fish and chips, homemade.

Life is good when you can make a little boy deliriously happy simply by taking him on the subway. For him, life is over the top fabulous when a subway trip is combined with a trip on the GO train and then a walk up to see just how tall the CN tower really is. Especially when he can follow on a map and see how far he walked and what the next stop on the train is.

Btw, I think my youngest child is in love! It is a toss up between Potter Barn for Kids and Crate and Barrel!


creampuff said...

Oh, I'm so sorry I missed you! I got your message but I was in the middle of it ... actually I've been in the middle of it for the past few weeks at work. But I'm glad you saw your uncle and I love that your son LOVED the subway. See you soon (hopefully)!

norapinephrine said...

Jen.. look what you started..

I'm making Sheppard's pie tomorrow!!