For those of you who asked lately.....

I've had a fun filled food year.  Took lots of pictures.  Ate lots of different things.  Cooked lots of different things.  

Here are some highlights, in no order at all, just how I found them in my photos. 

Apple turnovers, with apple cider glaze.  I made these for the Bakery at Saunders Farm.

Rainbow cupcakes with marshmallow frosting, for Scaring is Caring night at Saunders Farm.

Whoppie pies, regular and family sized.  Also for Saunders Farm.

Bacon and nappa cabbage saute, made from my Roots and Shoots CSA.

Chilling off a triple batch of meat sauce in the available snow.

My favorite fish at The Shark Reef in Las Vegas, Nevada.

When I go on vacation, I still like to check out grocery stores.  We don't have a Whole Foods in Ottawa yet, but we are getting one in a year or so.

Eating Emeril's Gumbo, one thing off my Bucket List, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bento Box lunch, Mizuya, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Buffet dinner, so many choices, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas Nevada.

Turkey tostada, Border Grill, Las Vegas, Nevada.  I wish I could have this again right now!

Dinner rolls I made for an anniversary event at Saunders Farm.

Chicken skewers with Sate sauce, made for dinner.

I made homemade sausages.

Renewed my CSA for the second year.

Got to borrow a Big Green Egg and cook all weekend long for friends and family.

Took my kids to all you can eat sushi.

Grilled lots of fresh veggies over the summer.

Found a cinnamon bun recipe I like so much that it has become my regular recipe.
I also made them for the bakery at Saunders Farm.

I also added a Twitter feed @jennymhulme and have a Google + Jenny Hulme.  

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jeff said...

YUM! thanks for posting again! i'm constantly on the lookout for good recipes these days, so i'm hoping you'll start posting more of your groovy goodies again.