Menu Plan Monday: Sept 18

Well last week was a good week to indicate why I like writing my menu plan in pencil. Monday's chicken parmesan turned into chicken with tomatoes sauce and pasta when I could not find my breadcrumbs or parmesan cheese and ran out of mozzarella cheese. Thursday turned into take out Chinese food night when the day turned into a busy, sick kid day.

So here is trying again this week!

Sunday: Left over from last week's plan: Potato and Leek galette with pork tenderloin and garlic spinach (note this turned into grilled chicken breast when the pork was still so frozen solid that it was not cookable yet.)

Monday: Beef fajitas.

Tuesday: Homemade lasagna with garlic bread.

Wednesday: Hubby cooks hamburgers and salad.

Thursday: Chicken casserole (from Martha Steward Every Day Food App).

Friday: Nachos!

Saturday: Out of town for the night.

This plan is being submitted to Menu Plan Monday.

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