Menu Plan Monday: May 15

After a week of beautiful weather, we are forecasted to get nothing but rain this week. Ugh.

Did someone forget to tell the weather that it's April showers that bring the May flowers? Not May showers drown the May flowers? Normally the May long weekend is the time when I get a bit of a veggie garden in but so far this year I've barely even given it any thought, since it seems likely that anything I plant will immediately be drowned.

Back to the menu plan for the week, however.

Sunday: Grilled veggies and pork tenderloin. This is Friday's grilled veggies, which had to be delayed, and if it pours rain, I will do them in the oven instead.

Monday: Rotisserie (or bbq) chicken, marinated in a raspberry wheat beer, with roasted potatoes and corn.

Tuesday: Take out pizza.

Wednesday: Citrus Soy stir fry, from Rachael Ray's Look and Cook. I'm using pork as the protein and will be replacing the whole wheat spaghetti with rice noodles.

Thursday: Vegetable Chili with tortillas chips but without the sausage (I'd totally forgotten I'd done that!)

Friday: Fish and Chips, possibly from a local church doing a fish fry, or homemade.

That's it and being submitted to Menu Plan Mondays.

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