The new kitchen!

What a weekend!

I don't ever want to move again.

Alot of cleaning, boxes, and more cleaning, but we got here, finally.

Fancy stemware present and accounted for, my boys and I, all three, husband included, toasted our first night in our new home with some de-alcoholized bubbly. Pink bubbly. Then we set up air mattresses and sleeping bags and camped out for the night.

Did you know that every house has noises? And when you aren't familiar with those noises, everyone of them is very loud. Especially at 2 am. And 5 am.

This is my new kitchen, pre cleaning, pre influx of boxes and furniture, and devoid of real dishes and food. Unless chocolate counts, in which case, I had lots of food.

Don't you love my pretty pointsetta on my island? That was part of our first housewarming gift, from our agent.

For a quick tour: the window is over the sink, a large sink with a little vegetable sink as part of it. There are lights underneath all the counters, which run around the room. On the island, right behind the plant, is my cooktop, a Jenn-air which has two induction burners and then the other side converts. Included in my gadgets is a griddle, a grill, some coil burners, a deepfryer and a rotissary. On the other side of the island, oposite the window, is the wall oven, again a Jenn-air, with a convection setting. It sits beside the fridge, which was absent at the time this was taken but has since been installed, hooked up to the water line and filled with stuff. Above the oven sits an alcove for a microwave, and above that, a cabinet built specfically to hold baking pans, with racks to hold them up.

I have alot of counter space and cabinet space, which has quickly been filled up with the contents of 73 boxes, at least. In addition to this, though, I have a little bonus room near my kitchen:

The previous owners use this as a sound booth for his music, and built in the shelves. I saw it and thought, "PANTRY!!!" I've since done some grocery shopping and unpacked boxes that had pantry items in it, so it isn't so bared and empty anymore.

This house has required alot of cleaning, even before anything came through the door. I had some help from family, but also had some help from a great Daring Baker, BC, who in addition to scrubbing out my stove and all its parts (isn't she amazing to do that for me!?!) brought me a cooler full of goodies to eat. Some store bought goodies were topped off with even better homemade goodies, such as a glutten free cake (you were right, I could not tell it was glutten free), an apple compote to go with the cake, and a jar full of salsa, which was inhaled by everyone around, it was so good!

Oh, and she also brought me a very important, but necessary ingredient, to this months Daring Baker challenge - and no I'm not going to tell you what it is!

Our first night in the house, we stood around the island and ate roasted chicken from the grocery store, with wedge fries and salad. Our second night, surrounded by boxes, things everywhere, I managed to find enough dishes and pots to make dinner. Unsurprising to anyone who knows our family, it was pasta, whole wheat spaghetti with a meat sauce (made up from equal parts ground beef and hot Italian sausage meat, sauted onions, canned tomatoes and crushed tomatoes) and a whole wheat baguette (part of our present from BC.) I didn't find the Parmessan cheese, but did find the cheddar and a box grater.

Unpacking and organizing is coming along way too slowly for my liking, but like any sensible Mom, Cook and Baker, I started with the kitchen. With a bit more time, and alot more hard work, I hope to be able to get back to baking very soon, and provide alot more pictures of my new kitchen.

When you are a kid, one of the bonuses to moving is the boxes you get to play with after. Especially if your mother orders an appliance and salvages the box for you.


~Kimberly said...

Congrats on the new house! I have to have my kitchen unpacked first thing too! It's a must! And...speaking of musts....I MUST HAVE A CAKE PAN SHELF like you now have! I NEED IT! Yay! Enjoy your new home!

Susan @ My Wholefood Family Essentials said...

I'm so jealous of your new pantry! We have a retro 70s kitchen which bizarrely doesn't even have a pantry. Which makes me wonder what the previous owners did with all their food?!

Karen Baking Soda said...

Congrats on the new house! Lovely kitchen (I wish you wouldn't mention the grill, griddle etc... sniff). Love the cake pan shelf!!

Margaux said...

Congrats on the new house! The kitchen looks fantastic! I wish I had an island.

Anonymous said...

Your new kitchen is wonderful! When we moved into our new house this summer the first thing I did was organize the kitchen. It wa overwhelming to me because there was so much more storage space. I made Christmas cookies this weekend for the first time in my new kitchen and it was SO much easier than last year.

BC said...

Your stove is sparkly lovely! As one Daring Baker to another, scrubbing it was the least I could do to give you a headstart on the next challenge.

creampuff said...

Congratulations, my friend! Many blessings in your new house!

Peabody said...

What a great kitchen and what a big pantry you now have!

Megan said...

It looks like a wonderful place to start creating some fabulous meals. Moving is always stressful but it sounds like you had some great help, and if the moving boxes kept the kids busy, all the better.


breadchick said...

Jenny! What a wonderful new kitchen.

Now you know, as an audio engineer and a baker/cook I would have had a really hard time deciding to use that bonus room as pantry or a studio ;-) I wonder what the sound absorbing properties of flour are...


MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Oh boy Jenny you are IN!
Great fun on the eating around the island. I always combine hot Italian chicken sausage and gr beef for my meat loaf.
The boxes . . . when I boys were small and we moved, Gorn built them a cardboard house in the garage with them.

Brilynn said...

Your new place looks great! I hope the unpacking is finished soon so you can get back to really cooking!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! What a great kitchen you have there! I have a feeling you'll be making a lot of great things this coming year! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! You have fantastic kitchen... Love this!!