Cleaning out my freezer and a dinner plan

As we are getting closer and closer to our moving date, I'm being forced to look into things I might generally prefer not to. The hidden depths of the storage space, or the children's closets. Boxes are piled up everywhere, some full, some empty, some in between full and empty. And I am running out of things I feel I simply cannot pack when we are 4 weeks away from moving.

One thing I can do, however, is clear out my freezer and my pantry. Since my new home will also be coming with a nice shiny new stand up freezer, clearing out and defrosting my tiny little chest freezer is now a priority.

With that thought in mind, I dove right in and found out exactly what I had hidden in there.

No surprises really. I'd forgotten about the flank steak, but aside from that, I knew what was in there.

And now that I have it officially written down, I'll use it to help me in my menu plan:

Monday: Butter chicken with rice and naan bread (the chicken is already defrosting, hence not on the list)

Tuesday: Baked pasta with baguette (sauce also defrosting, again, not on the list because it isn't currently in the freezer.)

Wednesday: steak fajitas

Thursday: Balsamic chicken with California mix veggies

Friday: pancakes with mixed berry smoothies

Saturday: Husband's night for dinner, he gets to figure it out.

Sunday: Roast beef with mashed potatoes, bean and carrot mix

That takes care of a few things in my chest freezer, at least. (I've highlighted everything from the freezer in this lovely blue color.) Did I mention I also have 2 fridge freezer's to go through and clean out?


Anonymous said...

Excellent way to get ready to move. Nothing like a "pantry plan"!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

You are being so organized! I'll try to remember this when it comes times for us to move.
Sexy blue.

Megan said...

wow. I tried planning dinners ahead but once the kids started school I got too busy.

I can't believe how much stuff you have in the freezer! You sure won't have to make many market runs before you move.

Andrea Meyers said...

Good for you! We had to clean out the freezer the last time we moved, and it was...ahem...a little embarrassing how much stuff we had in there and had forgotten about!