Happy Halloween!

My boys have just headed out a few minutes ago with their Dad, while I man the door. But before leaving they posed for a picture or two for me.

Oh you thought those pumpkins were my boys?


Actually the pumpkin on the right is my son's first ever pumpkin that he carved himself. I chopped off the top, but he emptied it and made the face and cut out all the pieces. I'm quite proud of how well he did, so wanted to show it off.

Here you go, here is my boys, getting ready to go out and see all their friends. They will likely get enough junk to make up for their mother not making them Halloween cookies or funky cupcakes this year. Oh well, there is always Christmas. Or New Years. Or maybe Groundhogs day.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!


Megan said...

We are just getting ready to head out, but it's so warm the kids are complaining about being hot in their costumes.

Someday fall will arrive, I hope.

Boys are cute as can be - and that pumpkin is just unbelievable!! We only did fake pumpkins this year, I was too lazy (busy?) to get real ones.

Happy Halloweeny!!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Happy Halloween!
What a night, I'm exhausted.

Anonymous said...

they look adorable!! im glad you didn't make cupcakes or cookies... i didn't either. it seems like every blogger has!! haha