Why is water and flour making me so nervous?

Cause it's alive!



Yes indeed, I have gotten brave, and begun my own sour dough starter, thanks to all the help and instructions from my pal Mary! And help she has been, getting emails from me on a regular basis, sometimes several times a day! Mary, aren't you glad I can't call you right now? Though I can if you'd like.

So my kitchen cupboards have sported a second recipe, in addition to my usual Daring Baker challenge. It was a tight squeeze, but the step by step, feeding and caring instructions of my very own sour dough starter got their own space. The picture above is of my baby starter after a full day, though it is now on it's 3rd day of feeding and has just been introduced to a new food - all purpose flour!

Only 5 more days and my new baby can have a name and be used, though only for quick breads and pancakes. Need to give it a bit more time before I can actually make the bread it is intended for.

Thanks again for all the help Mary! Your sense of humor through out this growing period is helping to keep crazy'ol me grounded, and letting me laugh at myself (afterall, who else has ongoing dreams about their starters flopping or running away.)

Oh, and are you coming over for a taste test of my first loaf?


Gretchen Noelle said...

You should be very proud. I want to try doing this sometime this year and it may be that next month is the month. I will be watching how things go with yours!

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I'll be watching to see how this turns out as this was one of my food goal for this year.

breadchick said...

So glad my method of getting a sourdough starter going from scratch is working so well for you! It looks exactly like a three day old starter should look!

Now, don't panic, it may be a bit "sluggish" tomorrow and the next day. Just regathering itself.

No worries about all the emails and questions. I am happy to answer you questions and believe me, your sense of humour is a joy in the middle of my day too!

You name the day for baking the bread and I'll hop my little ole self up your way....

Karen Baking Soda said...

Congratulations on the newborn! Hope she/he? will live happily ever after and give you a lot of offspring

Vida said...

Hi it's Vida, just dropped by to say hello and it's nice to meet my mentor!!! The macaroons in your photo heading are amazing... can you tell my all your secrets for macaroons... Looking forward to learning heaps from you x x x

Cheryl said...

Good for you. That is one thing I am still scared to try. One day I will have to make my own starter. Can't wait to hear what her name will be.

The Queen Bee said...

great post! sourdough starters are great...although, i almost always forget about them and find them weeks later lurking in my cupboards! yikes!