Left overs and melting

Back to school, back to work day today. Technically I don't start work until tomorrow, but that is work with a paycheque, not work from home work. That never stops, just changes slightly. Today marked one of those changes, back up again to make sure breakfast is eaten, make at least one lunch, some days up to four lunches, teeth are brushed and no books are forgotten before sending one child out the door for school. There is alot going on in a short time span.

Having done a dozen thing before 8am, I don't see any reason why I should fuss or stress over my own lunch several hours later. Not when leftovers are available. And in this house, leftovers are usually available as I deliberately cook extra to ensure there are some, if only for my husbands lunch.

This morning, however, there were plenty of left overs. A late night, adult only dinner yielded enough for generous servings, as well as a full container for lunch, and even more left for the fridge! Enough for me as well!

Which is where this great sandwich comes in: left over beef from a roast I had made the night before, sandwiched between slices of a rustic bun that had been slathered with left over spinach dip from the weekend. Tasty, slightly different than the original, and it took me no longer to make than a minute or two of thinly slicing left over beef. The only thing I would do differently would be to put spinach dip on the top, as well as the bottom of the bread. Yum, yum, yum!

Good thing lunch was so good, though, as the view outside was not.

Actually, the view outside was non-existent, and got worse all day. Unfortunately right now it is raining as well as being super foggy. With more of the same expected tomorrow.

Well, at least we are getting a break from the snow. For now.


Helene said...

It's 2am and this sandwich is calling my name!! Sorry about the weather...pack your bags and ome visit for a while!!

Anonymous said...

So glad to see this sandwich elsewhere! Always trying to spread the word about using spinach dip to make sandwiches beautifull things, but a surprising amount of people are skeptical! It's best on both sides, the more the better. Gotta make spinach dip now, so good...