Guess what I had with my breakfast smoothie this morning!

Yes, that lovely, warm, blueberry filled muffin was made with my sour dough starter! (My not yet named starter, though I am between honoring Mary by naming it after her, or calling it Marvin, just cause that's what keeps coming up in my head.)

Thanks again to Mary, my good pal, who once again provided me with instructions and recipe on how to use my baby starter. Sure, I had to start them last night before I went to bed, but that took no time at all, just scoop out some starter, give it a little flour and water love, mix it, cover it (I used a dishtowel), and let it get to work!

I admit, my power starter this morning was definitely more like what I expected my entire starter to be like, thick, sticky and full of bubbles. It took a minute or two of elbow grease to mix all the dry ingredients into my muffins, and then again to add in the blueberries, but the muffins baked up big and golden, crunchy on top, though I'm sure the sprinkling of sugar didn't hurt. And as good as it was warm with my morning fruit in a glass, it was even better later in the day as an after work snack!

This weekend will see sour dough pancakes, or maybe even waffles, served to my boys for breakfast!

Now I just need to know - Mary, can I scoop out from my starter at any point during it's day to prep these muffins, now that I am on a 1x a day, morning, feeding for it?


breadchick said...

WOWSA!!! Look at those muffins baby!!!

Fantastic job with your starter and your muffins.

You can prep your starter anytime of the day to bake with you want, just remember that the sweet time after prepping it is between 6 - 12 hours after you give it the "power feed". So, for example you want corn muffins for dinner that night, then about 7 hours before dinner, go ahead and get your starter ready to go.

Again, great job and I like Marvin. It suits a starter ;-)

Peabody said...

Way to use your starter....yum!

Cheryl said...

So proud of you using your starter. Makes me wanna try it one day. Maybe when I do I can name it after you.

Brilynn said...

This is something I've never attempted before although you're giving me hope that it's possible!

Helene said...

Your post actually reminded me to take my potato starter out of the fidge for feeding tomorrow! The muffins look great and the taste must be wonderful!