Here you go Tartelette!

Still no new lens for my camera, so still taking pictures from the other side of the room, but I think I am working out some bugs. Can't wait to be able to take major closeup pictures (so you buggers who keep outbidding me on ebay for my lens - CUT IT OUT!!!)

However, the loss of that last auction did not stop me from making this cake, a major blast from my youth, earlier in the week - German Chocolate Cake. The same one that the dangerous trio of Tartelette, Lis and Mary made together when they had their amazing gathering.

After seeing the picture of it in Lis' blog, I bugged Tartelette for the recipe, which she very quickly provided for me. Oh yippee!

My mother and I think my grandmother used to either make or buy German Chocolate Cake with brown sugar coconut icing. At least that's what I remember being in it (and it was my most favorite part of the cake.) So I skipped the peacans in the recipe and upped the coconut some, and enjoyed it with these mini bundts of the cake. (Aren't mini bundts cute?)

Now if you look at the other pictures, the one on Lis' blog, and the one on Mary's, you'll see they each have a chocolate glaze over their cake first. I don't know where it is in the recipe, nor have I ever had it with a glaze before. So mine doesn't have one. Instead each piece I had involved lots of the coconut icing. Yum. Yum. Yum!

This cake was a little dry for me, but it could have been my over baking, this being the first time I've used the pans. The batter is almost moose like, which I found odd, but it seems to work. And the icing is to die for!

So thanks Tartelette! It's taken me all week to blog about the cake, but I feel slightly better now and I'm sure the cake didn't hurt!


breadchick said...

OH HOW CUTE!!! I love the mini bundt idea for these. Now I have the perfect excuse to go buy mini bundt pans!!

I suspect you are right about the cake being dry due to learning to bake with the new pans because it is a really moist cake.

And the chocolate glaze is that wonderful chocolate glaze we have been using for all the DB Challenges (heavy cream/chocolate chunks, bring cream to boil, pour over chunks, let cool, pour over cake). I suspect that our beloved Tartelette added that because it wasn't in my recipe I brought home either.

And the coconut icing is to die for isn't it. I have a tub left over from making the cake last week and I'm thinking German Chocolate Trifle for the weekend ;-)


Deborah said...

German chocolate cake has to be one of my favorite cakes!!

Peabody said...

If my husband ate coconut I would be begging for the recipe too. It looks so decadent.

Half Baked said...

Oh yum I Love german choclate cake!! I want to try this one!

Helene said...

Wonderful! Lisa provided the glaze as we wanted to make it over the top. It was a basic chocolate ganache. They look darling!