Bundt = Frustration

No, there is nothing wrong with the recipe. Another Dorie recipe (Dorie, if you are reading this, would you consider adopting me? Or at least being my favorite Aunt!)

I mean look at it! You can see the banana's throughout it, and the moistness of the cake jumps out at you, even from a darkish picture!

However, with 2 cups of sugar, this is not a "healthy" banana cake. It is more like a company's coming type of banana cake.

Oh, and if you are wondering, it is on page 190 of Dorie's Baking From My Home to Yours, Classic Banana Bundt Cake.

On the other hand, the next time I make it, I'm using a 9x13 pan and not a bundt pan. I cannot, NOT, get a cake out of that pan no matter what I do! I butter it very well, getting into every nook and cranny. I spray it, I flour the pans, tapping out the excess. It doesn't matter, I can't get a cake out of that pan in one piece!

I think I will have to go look and see if I can find some cake release. If I find some, and still can't get a cake out of the pan, then that's it, I'm replacing it with a silicone one.

So be forwarned Bundt Pan! I am on to you - you hold on to one more cake of mine and you're history! I'll replace you faster than I could bake another cake!

(Think that'll work and it will let go of my cakes in the future?)


Cheryl said...

This looks so moist and delicious. I must get me a Dorie cookbook.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Gosh, if that doesn't scare it into giving up cakes nothing will. My bundt pan must be 30 years old, cast aluminum plain jane no non-stick and it always graciously gives up cakes.

Morven said...

Is this the same Dorie banana cake from Lis's blog? If so, I made it with great success using my 9x13 pan. Good luck next time.

angel said...

This is the best Banana cake ever. Very moist and falvourful. My search has 4 banana cake has ended with this one. The only problem I have is that whenever I use only Baking soda in a cake recipe it gives a bitter taste in the finished product and same happened with this one and the apple cake that I made.

Can you pls advise what can I do to correct taht bitter aftertaste.

Jenny said...

Sorry Seema, I've never had that problem with a cake, or anything, and I've made lots of baked goods with Baking Soda in them. Have you tried switching brands? Good Luck!